Bug Hall, 35, was charged with possession/use of a volatile chemical, which was air duster.

The Little Rascals star Bug Hall, a.k.a. Brandon Barnett, was arrested this weekend by police in Weatherford, Texas, for inhaling air duster, according to the arrest report provided to EW by the Weatherford Police Department.

An EMS call came into the department around 8:20 p.m. on the evening of Saturday, June 20 regarding “someone near the dumpster huffing” on the Fort Worth Highway, and an officer was dispatched. After police made contact with Hall, 35, and an investigation was completed, the actor was taken to Parker County Jail on charges of possession for use to inhale/ingest a volatile chemical.

He was booked on a $1,500 bond, which he made by the next day. A mugshot was also released to press, though a rep for Hall tells EW the charges against the actor are being dropped. He did not have a formal statement at the time.

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